Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Bellies, Births and Babies - Introduction

I started Bellies, Births and Babies basically to get information out there. As a Midwife, I was frustrated at the lack of recent information relating to my practice, in an easily accessible environment that worked around my shift-worker life. As a Mum, I was also frustrated, but not over the lack of information, but over the overwhelming amount of junk available on-line.  There are some very good sites and forums out there, specific to particular topics or problems. But with my daughter on my lap, I wanted to find information relating to us and our life. I felt this desire to write and share articles constantly on my Facebook profile but restrained myself so my friends newsfeeds wouldn’t become clogged with my constant sharing and writing. 

So, Bellies, Births and Babies was born. I aim to appeal to women and men interested in all aspects of midwifery, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babies and children. I am a passionate Wife, Mother and Midwife, with an amazing Husband, a beautiful Daughter, two mischievous Labradors, and the best job in the world.

Bellies, Births and Babies hopes to share information about
◦Birth - particularly Homebirth and natural birthing
◦Parenting – particularly Attachment-Style Parenting
◦Modern Cloth Nappies
◦Baby-Led Solids
◦Midwifery – particularly Homebirth, Midwifery-Led Models of Care and Midwifery in Australia

Through educating midwives, women and their families, I hope to empower women and their families to make the best possible informed decisions, that is the right choice for them . It is Your Body, Your Birth and Your Baby.


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