Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Midwives Day

Today is International Midwives Day. I wanted to write something memorable. Something that struck a chord with someone who would understand exactly what this profession means to me. I realised, there are no words to describe Midwifery.

Midwifery is beautiful, messy, amazing and heart wrenching all at the same time. I can’t even begin to describe what this amazing profession means to me.

As a midwife, I read midwifery journals for fun, find myself in all sorts of social situations discussing all things birth or baby related, yell at birth scenes in movies and my Facebook NewsFeed resembles a birthing unit’s notice board – all babies, bellies and breasts.

As a woman I was privileged to have continuity of care from a very special Privately Practicing Midwife. Birth is a transformative process and she was there every step of the way. Experiencing things from ‘the other side’ has increased my passion (not that I thought that was possible) and has (hopefully) made me a better Midwife.

So today, I want every women I’ve cared for to know they are amazing and I am forever grateful to them for including me in their experience. I want my Midwife to know she made a difference. I want my colleagues to know that their sacrifices are valued. When they cry in the hallway, drag their tired bodies out of bed to attend a woman or miss family events – they are appreciated, treasured and we thankyou.


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